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Pubtek engineers and solution specialists are experts at finding opportunities for improvement and producing innovation breakthroughs. We partner with operators, distributors and producers to adopt technologies that will have the biggest impact on their bottom line.

Blending technology with tradition

Data Fusion and Actionable Intelligence

Nobody knows your business better than you do. The software services and products you buy typically don’t fit your way of doing business. This is why we build customized dashboards and analytics solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations to produce actionable intelligence.

Patron Engagement

Positive engagement is key to delighting customers and keeping them coming back. Pubtek has integrated voice recognition, mobile, digital menus, advertising, and entertaining into one single device that has set a new bar for patron engagement.

Smart Coasters

Electronics are making their way into everything we touch, and now you can add a coaster to that list. The Pubtek coasters are the first generation of smart coasters designed to track and influence consumer behavior. What if you could measure exactly how long it took that customer to drink that last beverage you served them?


Gone are the days of missed orders. With Pubtek smartwatch applications your servers can be notified of every single order as they are placed. Gone are the days of annoying taps on the shoulder, or loud whistles trying to get an attendant’s attention.

We are looking for investors & pilot partnerships to help Pubtek disrupt the food & beverage industry

Our Mission

Pubtek is the premier technology supplier to the beverage & food industry providing actionable insights to maximize order (product) flow and assimilate data to minimize costs.

What We Believe

We believe that technology should not get in the way of your fun. ​Your local pub or brew stop is all about friends, fun and feeling good. We also believe that as a business owner or manager technology should be your friend, and should help you deliver exceptional service to your clients. At Pubtek we blend tradition with technology so that owners and managers can deliver exceptional service to their guests. We believe that using technology should be easy and rewarding. You should be able to easily add/use the new tech to get the return faster.

How We Do it

Pubtek engineers and solution specialists are experts at observing and producing solutions. ​They will partner with you to identify improvements to your business that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. With that target in mind they build a custom solution that will maximize your revenue and minimize cost while deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Be apart of something great.

See how we plan to change the game.

Pubtek was created to leverage the latest technologies in the food & beverage industry to create value for the entire supply chain and deliver new experiences to consumers.

We provide immediate insights to the food & beverage supply chain, enabling them to serve their customers more efficiently leading to optimal operations

We enable better consumer experience by facilitating better supply chain decisions through superior market intelligence.

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  • We are working on IoT devices and technologies that allow everyone in the supply chain to engage with consumers in real-time.
  • We are developing an Advertising and Market information platform providing a new level of intelligence with the ability to get immediate feedback from consumers.
  • A Platform with various apps that can be enabled as needed

  • Growers, Producers and Brewers
  • Distributors
  • Restaurant, pub, and hospitality owners and operators (including casinos)
  • Advertisers
  • Point of sale and payment providers

To better customer service & gain access to data that can help grow & optimize your business.  

One day sitting at a bar our founder waited 15 minutes too long for a beer refill. This led him down the path of finding a way to use technology to improve consumer experience. Since that day Pubtek has now grown to be a data solutions company with a suite of services and offerings that span the entire food & beverage supply chain from farm to table.

  1. Increase order/product flow and thereby revenue
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of what is impacting your business and operations
  3. Identify solutions that will improve your bottom line
  4. Increase consumer stickiness, revenue, reduce overhead costs

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